Buying a secondhand vehicle in S.A. that is originally from Malawi

 Question :
Hi Cheryl
I trust that you are well. I came across a web page with your details and I am
hoping that you could give me some advice. I am interested in purchasing a
vehicle from a private seller, I have seen the vehicle and it has Malawi number
plates and license disc. The car is currently owned by a South African citizen.

Should I buy this vehicle, would it be possible to register here in S.A. and are

there any complications that I need to be aware off?
Any info would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Answer :
Dear client,

Thank you for your enquiry.

One is not permitted to purchase a foreign registered vehicle for purposes of registering is SA.

The registered owner on the foreign documentation is responsible to registerin SA only  IF he has permanent residency status and has to keep it registered on his name for a period of two years before being permitted to sell it or give it away.

The South African probably has tried to register it unsuccessfully and is hoping to pass it on.

If not a permanent resident,  he will have to take the vehicle back to Malawi, as it isonly permitted temporarily in SA.  Please DO NOT purchase this vehicle. 

Customs/SARS have a special investigative unit that monitor the foreign vehicles.If it were to be found in your possession, you would not be able to prove ownership history of the vehicle and  they have full right to confiscate it and crush it!
You will lose your money and your vehicle.

So the main rule here is to remember….no SA papers…..NO SALE/PURCHASE!!

Hope this information is of assistance to you.

You are welcome to call if you have further questions.

Best regards

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