Amendment to the National Road Traffic Act – Seventh Amenedment

The National Road Traffic Regulations have been amended. The amendment is in Government Gazette 33796,

Notice number 1113 published on 25 November 2010.  It is called the Seventeenth Amendment and

came into force on publication.

A few of the amendments are listed for your information:

Ø  New motor vehicles registered after 1 August 2010 must have number plates that are fitted with pop r

ivets or screws.  If it cannot be fitted to the vehicle it must be fitted to a bracket that complies with SANS 973.

Ø  As of 1 February 2011 persons who obtain driving licences for a code C, C1, EC or EC1 driving licence

will not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle that requires a code B or code EB licence (in old terms – a

person with a code 10, 11, 13 or 14 licence cannot drive a vehicle for which you need a code 08 licence). 

This will only apply to new licence holders.

Ø  Foreign licences are accepted if the person got the licence while he was not in SA for a period longer

than 3 months.  Foreign licences are valid in SA until it expires in the country of issue but not for longer

than 5 years after the person got permanent residence in SA

Ø  Directional Stability Control Devices for mini and midibuses are introduced through a certification

process that forms part of the roadworthy test.  It applies to all mini and midibuses and not only newly

manufactured vehicles.

Ø  Left-hand drive steered vehicles:  Legality is clarified – the owner of such a vehicle may, if the

vehicle was licensed in his name before 23 July 2004, sell the vehicle and the new owner my licence it.

Ø  An amendment to regulation 332 was published and lists the evidential breath testers that may be

used to collect evidential breath samples and the certificate issued by the manufacturer or supplier may

be used as evidence in cases by the mere production thereof.

Ø  Management representatives of testing stations are limited to testing 150 motor vehicles per month.

Ø  A roadworthiness test is now only valid for 21 days instead of the 6 months it used to be before.

Ø  The rule on disabled parking has been extended: a person driving a disabled person may also park

in such parking.

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