Referral from John K Weber

To all readers


I received my vehicle yesterday (26th April 2010) from Cheryl who had basically brokered the

whole deal for me as well as writing all letters of transferral etc. All i had to do was put the

 money in her care and Cheryl did the rest for me.


She is professional, courteous and extremely efficient. I am surprised when someone delivers

such a level of service in a world where service seems to have dissapeared totally.


Thank you for you help Cheryl, not only in getting the old vehicle transferred off my name but for

arranging everything for the new vehicle as well. I hate standing in line and waiting for any

administrative type papers, so the service you gave me is really great.


Wish you best of luck in your endeavours, I think you are an outstanding Vehicle Registration




John K Weber

PS. Any person who would like to verify this referral may email me at

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