If you need assistance with any licensing or registration procedures with regards to all types of vehicles, trailers, or motorcycles, please feel free to contact me. I can assist you with any registration issues you may have.

Listed below is a more concise list of what I can assist you with when registering your vehicle, trailer, or motorcycles. This list is not complete as I can assist you with virtually any registration issues you may have, but the list does show several specific procedures I can deal with.

All transactions required to register a vehicle once purchased in the titleholder of the vehicles’ name, whether, for a finance company or direct to the purchaser of the vehicles’ name.

Assistance with application of change of titleholder once the user of the vehicle has settled the payments with the financier and the financier no longer has any more interest in the vehicle.

Assistance with change of ownership/titleholder when one sells the vehicle – completion of NCO forms and submit to License Dept.

Handling of re-registration of vehicles obtained via inheritance.

Once immigrants have received their permanent resident certificates, they are permitted to legally register their private vehicles in SA.

Assistance registering imported vehicles that immigrants have brought with them from outside the South African borders of which they have been the registered owners for a period of more than six months prior to entering South Africa

All correspondence with Department of Trade and Industry – DTI for permanent import permits for foreign vehicle to be registered in South Africa.
Applying for the NRCS – National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (previously South African Bureau of Standards – SABS) LOA (Letter of authority) certificates authorizing registering of foreign vehicles in South Africa

Arranging clearing of vehicles with customs department and obtaining Bill of entry SAD500 with import of vehicles by air / ship / rail / road
Acquiring of compliance certificates/conformity certificate from specific vehicle manufacturers on behalf of immigrants for foreign vehicles to be registered in South Africa and arranging the translation of foreign issued documents to comply with SA registering authorities requirements.

Arranging appointments and completing SAPS inspections, identification of vehicles markings and clearing of vehicles with Interpol

Arranging and taking vehicles on behalf of the owners for roadworthy tests and certification as well as all weighbridge certifications and gross vehicle mass certificates. .

Handling of all original foreign documentation and correspondence with the department of transport, directly on behalf of the client to enable data capturing of vehicle and owner information.

Completion of transactions required for registration and licensing of vehicles with the licensing departments.

Handling of all applications and transactions for the introduction of imported brand new vehicles/motorcycles for the registered importers of such vehicles.

Arranging and obtaining a carnet de passage ( or temporary permit) for foreigners who are residing in South Africa for a certain period and wanting to use their vehicles while in South Africa with the objective of taking the vehicle back when they leave

Assistance with all procedures to be followed for the building up of previously de-registered vehicles and self/home built trailers.

Obtaining SAPS VIN numbers issued by SAPS for built-up vehicles.

Application and physical inspections authorization of build-up trailers with NRCS (GVM more than 750kg)

Assistance to the registered importers of secondhand motorcycles with the NRCS – National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications inspections and certification; bill of entry; obtaining of eNatis model certifications on all models of vehicles; dealer stock registrations of all imported stock.


Assistance with registration of dealerships with SAP in accordance with Second Hand Goods Act.

License renewals of vehicles with or without renewal notices. Including vehicles in arrears (expiry dates overdue).

Assistance to buyers of vehicles, new or secondhand for all procedures required to ensure registration and licensing of the vehicle on the owners name: – notice of change of ownership; roadworthy; police clearance (when no original documentation available).

Assistance with SAPS clearance required for replaced engines or stolen-recovered vehicle transactions.

Returning residents that wish to bring in their vehicles when coming back to SA. I am able to assist with all the procedures as with immigrants. All they need do is arrange their own shipping and I will deal with the rest.

People wishing to apply for personalized number plates or specific numbers can also contact me to do it on their behalf.

vehicle traders (new or secondhand vehicles) any transactions in which they require assistance. specially data corrections (vehicles incorrectly registered to wrong owner; new vehicles shown on system as used; weight corrections, code of vehicles needing correction etc..)

Temporary or special permits application required for transporting unlicensed vehicles.

Assistance for motor dealers with application for trade plates to enable them to take vehicles for roadworthy test/ saps clearances on vehicles where engines have been replaced/vehicles repaired.

Datadot is a forensic technology that is used to mark complete vehicles with 10 000 micro chips. These are impossible to remove and simplifies tracing of and prosecution in stolen and hijacked vehicles. To read more about this technology please click here. 
If you need datadot to be applied to your vehicle or assets please contact Cheryl. This is done personally at your residence or at mine with no need to book appointments or drive around looking for a reputable fitter. All type of vehicles can be datadotted. to see more about this go to our FAQ post about Datadotting please click here. 

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