Dear Cheryl

I am sending this to thank you for your expert advice and assistance with the import and registration of my motorcycle.

Your expert knowledge of all the customs, tax, import, SAPS and vehicle registration requirements make your service invaluable in the process. When I attempted to tackle the process myself I quickly realised that I would need to seek expert advice and assistance in order to avoid getting tangled up in the various legal jargon and bureaucracy which so easily could have resulted in me not ever getting my motorcycle on the road.

Thanks to you I can report that the process was smooth from beginning to end and I have had almost two years of hassle-free motoring. Thanks to your advice and knowledge my vehicle is fully compliant and despite having gone through the odd traffic stop all I get is admiration for my bike as the traffic officials have never found fault due to my motorcycle being fully in compliance with SA Road Traffic Regulations.

Your personalised attention to detail and calm navigation of the web of intricate detail make your service a real gem.


Seb Lalloo